»We are all like a princesses on a pea«

Professor Dinah Rodrigues from Brazil made foundations for Hormone Yoga about twenty years ago. She aimed at holistic approach to the balance of endocrine systems of our bodies. Hormone Yoga is effective self-help therapy tackling most of the difficulties we encounter in middle age. It offers help to younger women as well, especially to those who are experiencing difficulties such as PMS (Premenstrual tension), polycystic ovaries, irregular periods. Professor Dinah Rodrigues proved her theories by years of research. First results of Hormone Yoga become apparent after first few weeks of training, after four weeks at the latest. Exercises are simple, no previous yoga experience is needed. What is needed is regular practice.

The program of Hormone Yoga has a copy right and is protected under the title Hormone Yoga Therapy – Dinah Rodrigues. I am a former student of professor Dinah Rodrigues and as a fully qualified teacher and a holder of a certificate I am providing two days workshops, teaching the whole sequence of hormone yoga exercises. My workshops include advice on appropriate food intake and anti stress asana. My motto is:Life in Harmony with Hormone Yoga!

And what does a dragonfly has to do with it?

Dragonfly is one of the oldest living species, what’s more it is one of the most gracious and elegant. It symbolises transformation, beauty, longevity and love of life. Harmonised appearance of the dragonfly fits the Hormone Yoga as a sequence of movements and postures. It symbolises hormonal balance and synchronised functioning of our individual endocrine systems.

In Slovene language a dragon fly is a shepherd of the snakes. It can symbolise kundaline energy, the very supposition of Hormone Yoga. A symbol for kundaline is a sleeping snake. Waking up, after absorbing the energy it rises itself upwards, finding its elegant equilibrium alongside the chakras of our yoga anatomy. Dragonfly on a lotus blossom – is there anything more in harmony with the whole?!

By day to day practice of Hormone Yoga every prince and every princess can achieve inner harmony regardless of a pea under the mattress.

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