ALENKA has been studying anatomy of movement (yoga, Pilates, dance) and kinesiology of words (likes to write and play with words) for the last 3 decades. Here she is, so many years into this journey and still passionately digging deeper: learning, discovering, growing and teaching. She is a certified hatha yoga instructor who holds an international certificate in Hormone Yoga Therapy received by methods author Dinah Rodrigues. In addition she holds a certificate in Reflexo-therapy. With Cancer in her Sun and ascendant in Aquarius, Alenka would like yoga and its beneficial effects to be introduced to the widest possible audience. For the last few years she has focused much of her attention and study on the way hormones effect our bodies, hoping to share the enormous amount of information and knowledge she has gained. With this in mind she has started teaching workshops and intensive Hormonal yoga Therapy classes using a style of very natural yoga therapy that incorporates dynamic movement and special staged positions - with help from Bastrika breathing and Tibetan energy techniques. Using this practice enables us to balance our endocrine glands and maintain the correct hormonal levels in our bodies.
Alenka has also written several manuals for balance of the endocrine system to aid her in teaching her techniques. Currently she is studying Andropause Yoga, Diabetes Yoga and Hormone Yoga Therapy for men with Dinah Rodrigues, opening a new studio and staying in a good shape. Recently Alenka wrote a book on Hormone Yoga Therapy.

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